Pumpkin Wine and Dine

A sea of bins filled with mini pumpkins.

‘Tis the season!

Surprisingly, I live not even 10 minutes away from about 3 pumpkin farms and can’t even remember the last time I picked my own pumpkin from a patch. With my friend, Taylen, and her birthday coming up, we made the march down to the patch to participate in some festive fall activities.

What was my goal this week?
Well, to pick a pumpkin, of course. But also to celebrate Taylen’s birthday over some pumpkin wine, which we found on Tiktok and was allegedly rather tasty. Of course, we were open to trying some dishes and seeing what else was around the area depending on the price. We’d heard that Maan Farms was a popular spot, so we decided to make our way there.

How did it go?
Honestly, everyone’s gotta go see 10 feet tall skeletons in a pumpkin garden. While it was busy, it was a cute sight to see. Orange, white, green, red, and yellow pumpkin of all shapes and sizes were littered everywhere. There was no lack of cute babies and dogs being photographed everywhere, which were just as fun to see as the pumpkins.

While the farm is popular, the busyness came in waves. The only thing we had to wait a while for was the food, which in our case was worth it because we were terribly hungry. As for the infamous pumpkin wine, I think my palette just hast matured to wine quite yet, but at least it came in a cute pumpkin cup!

Taylen with our pumpkin wines and pumpkin ice cream.

How did I do it?
I have to thank Taylen for making the drive out to Abbotsford so we could have our little outing. Sure, there are other pumpkin farms, but she was sweet enough to want to venture out here on her own birthday. We each picked a little pumpkin and some treats we thought were worthy of trying; how often do we come here? Never! Might as well bare the lines…

We picked Maan Farms based on the fact that it kept popping up on both our Tiktok feeds everyday. So Taylen drove over to my place, then I drove us to the farm and gave her a mini tour of the city. When the rain started to come down near the end of our visit, we drove to an arcade to finish off the day before we headed our separate ways.

My 2.5 inch mini pumpkin from our farm trip.

How do I feel?
Fortunate that I finally got to hang out with one of closest friends. Despite us not living too far from each other, our schedules don’t line up very often because of school and work. Even if we’d done another activity and didn’t even think of pumpkins, I would have been just as happy to see her. But I won’t lie, getting a mini pumpkin did make me pretty excited. My first pumpkin in years!

Next week’s goal
Speaking of pumpkins, I’d like to take the time to actually carve my 2.5 inch orange nugget, or do some other Fall activity outdoors before the rain settles in for the season. How do I plan on cutting a pumpkin that tiny? Well, luckily for me, I used to make miniature models of houses in my free time; my old x-acto knife might come in handy again soon.

Album of the Week
Rather than song of the week, this time I have an album to share. My friend mentioned in this post, Taylen, released her first album recently! She’s a lovely and amazing human and deserves all the recognition; go take a listen!


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