Week 3

This week I began wondering what would happen during a week where I genuinely don’t have the time to fulfill an ‘enjoyable’ activity, as per the goal for this blog. It happens, some weeks are just busier than others and sometimes ‘fun’ has to be put on pause – just not for too long of a period.

If it ever came to that case, which hopefully not, I came up with a plan to be honest in my writing where the direction would be more towards accepting that failing a task is okay and how I could better plan next time, and what that plan would be to get back on track. Failing sounds a bit harsh, but it’s unavoidable step towards self-improvement.

I also reflected this week on how my content should be better represented on my blog, even for process posts. No one wants to be greeted with walls of text; visuals, imagery, and interactions go a long way in engaging audiences. I did more research on Pinterest regarding the art direction of what this blog will be and what feeling and interactions I want to encapsulate from people in the coming weeks. It’s a craft I genuinely enjoy doing and the coming weeks will require me to dedicate some extra time into realizing my vision. This will come in the form of more images relative to the blog content (and in process posts), varying forms of media such as videos or songs to help encourage engagement, and additional interactive elements to increase the enjoyability and function of the blog.


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