Week 10

As a designer, I wanted to share some thoughts on the tools used to create content and the mindset behind the Adobe Suite, Figma, and Canva.

First of all, anyone can design on any platform they wish. Good design stems from the knowledge and practice of designers over time. However, within my program and online, people have always had thoughts on the stigmas behind which program you use to create content.

I’ve noticed that more experienced designers and professionals in UX/UI, visual, digital, or graphic design industries (to name a few), practice their craft on programs like the Adobe Suite and Figma. Adobe is ideal for high quality works and performance, as they are industry level tools and have always been powerful. Figma is very popular amongst design students and industry for collaboration, notably for prototyping and sharing ideas. Other tools include programs like Protopie and Sketch.

It’s a known stigma amongst more experienced students and design professionals that Canva is for people who don’t know how to design. Many designers ridicule other designers who use it, stating that they aren’t real designers if they’re relying on pre-made templates. In a way, I agreed for the longest time, but I have come to empathize with why some individuals use it.

Canva has pre-made templates and allows for collaboration. However, I believe you can also make designs from scratch. If it is used for this purpose because an individual cannot afford to pay for other professional tools, I see no issue with someone using Canva. If someone has the ability to design and create something from scratch, the tools shouldn’t matter and should not be judged. Moreover, if a pre-made template is used for a quick alternative and the individual isn’t using templates to define their style or themselves as a designer, then I think it’s ok to use in a time of need.

For example, I was rather short on time and pressure and could not design an infographic from scratch. As a designer, part of me hurt and felt weird using a quick Canva template to make an infographic for this blog. However, I reminded myself that this does not define me as a designer and that I do possess the knowledge to design one from blank. In a time of need or learning, I believe Canva is a starting tool that can help anyone, however, I don’t believe people should connect their style or identify themselves as a designer by only using this tool. It is similar to AI creating designs; it’s a starting point to help elevate your work, but should not be relied on.


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