Welcome to Pocket Pail

Hello! I’m Paola, the writer behind Pocket Pail.

Sometimes the term “bucket list” feels like it should be reserved for things that are big and memorable, like go to Italy or run a 10k marathon. And a “to-do” list blends with the idea of yet another task in an already busy routine. But what about the smaller doings that may not be as impressive, but we miss doing, have been curious to try, or have always had in the back of our minds? When we’re busy dealing with life, we may tend to feel guilty and deny ourselves the pleasure of simply doing something we enjoy.

The smaller things in life are what keep us going; Pocket Pail encourages tiny triumphs in a sea of never-ending time crunches.

Somewhere between an over-glorified to-do list and a small-scale bucket list, Pocket Pail is a personal blog that documents and observes my weekly routine while I try to enjoy an activity that I 1) have been putting off because I feel guilty allowing myself time to enjoy it or 2) have been too intimidated to try.

Pocket Pail hopes to document and discover why we put off the things we enjoy, how we can set time aside each week, and how it affects our attitude and lifestyle.

Il dolce far niente.

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