Week 6

This week I’m reflecting on how the content of my blog and how there tend to be patterns that aren’t what I initially intended; however, my mindset is changing as to how this blog should be approached.

Initially, I thought most of these posts would encourage me to do smaller, more tactile activities that I’ve been meaning to do: like read a book I bought a long time ago, or build the Lego set sitting in the corner, or learn to crochet again.

While I still really want to do these things, I’ve realized that most posts on this blog have been under the ‘going out’ category – which isn’t a bad thing! It’s simply a pattern I’ve noticed: that the ‘tiny triumphs’ I tend to want to write about more, tend to be associated with being outside, doing something outside my home, typically with other people. Reflecting on these patterns has made me realize that a lot of my personal enjoyment and satisfaction comes from being out with people, and thus, I have a lot more to write and say.

That’s not to say that reading my book isn’t worthy of writing or isn’t exciting – it still is. But if I only read a few pages a week, I’m still satisfied, but I just prefer to write about the other things in my week that I want to remember the details of. All in all, this blog can still be about any type of tiny triumph in the week, but I feel like it’s becoming a place to express my gratitude and journal the things I did, almost like a digital scrapbook that inspires others to cherish the simple activities in their lives.

Moving forward, I want the voice and style of this blog to almost be like a journal evoking some sense of nostalgia; a memory for me to look back on or for anyone to read and reminisce about.

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