Week 11

As the development of this website comes to a near finish, it’d be interesting to discuss community guidelines, why they would be right for me, and how I would implement them.

On all of my posts, I have left the option open to leave comments to the public. As with anything public, it has the potential to be affected by unwanted or undesired comments, harassment, or behaviours. Whether for myself or if this blog were to ever become larger and collaborative, here are some guidelines I would be interesting in implementing for the sake of respect, safety, protection and morals:

– A guideline regarding how this website will not tolerate offensive, indecent, derogatory, misleading, discriminatory, illegal or threatening comments. This is due to the safety of myself and of those who interact with this website and each other would not be tolerated under any circumstance. I want this blog to be a fun, caring place, and not a place that has a dangerous or toxic environment.

– A guidelines regarding how name-calling, spamming, or personal attacks will not be tolerated. This is for the safety and respect of myself and anyone else who interacts with the blog.

– A guideline regarding how Pocket Pail can delete comments that violate guidelines, block users who offend the guidelines, or remove content and offenders who contribute to otherwise toxic and dangerous behaviour on Pocket Pail. This is to notify users that action will be taken to ensure the safety of everyone who visits or participates on this site.

– A guideline highlighting how this website is meant to be a respectful place, where people are allowed to have different experiences, mindsets, and opinions; as long as comments are not harming others or violating other community guidelines. Respect is important for everyone to have a pleasant experience on Pocket Pail!

– A guideline warning users to never share private/personal information online, as Pocket Pail is a public website. This is to make sure everyone is accountable of what they post online to ensure their safety and privacy.

These are just a few examples of the types of guidelines I’d like to implement on this website to ensure the experience is enjoyable, safe, legal, and respectful. In regards as to how I would implement these guidelines in the future, I would have to do further research on how to install filters on comments to remove comments with profanity or community violations. Additionally, I would use my own judgement to see how offending situations can be addressed, or more complex plugins and tools if this site were to ever grow to a larger size.

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