Week 2

The past week marked the official start to setting up my blog site..with a few bumps in the road I had to figure out. 

Surprisingly, one of the decisions that took the longest to make was the title and tagline of the blog itself. Initially, I had made the title “The End Has No End” in reference to a song by American rock band, The Strokes. My interpretation of the title would have been not only my love for the band, but also as a reference to how we always look forward to the end of our week, the end of the work day, or the end of anything we deem unpleasant and repetitive. We look forward to the “end” of these things over and over again, where it seems like the end really has no end; hence the reference to the song title.

While I did like my title, part of me felt that it seemed a bit negative or even gloomy. Like if I recreated a movie poster and slapped that title on the front, I could easily believe that it could embody a dreadful horror film. Not exactly the vibe I was going for. I wanted my blog and personal identity to represent what I wished to be and embody – and not a representation of a negative mindset. 

I wanted my blog to be not as big as a bucket list, as those I envision being more for trips and larger life events. But I also didn’t want to label it as a to-do list…more like an over glorified one? The reference to something being “pocket-sized” is the same as something being labeled as small or mini. And since a bucket and pail are interchangeable, Pocket Pail essentially means a mini bucket list. And it had a nice ring to it.

I think the point of a tagline is to remain short and sweet. While still wanting to include the idea of “smallness” and enjoyability, I used the phrase tiny triumphs to represent how it feels to accomplish something small that means a lot to me. A triumph is still a triumph no matter how tiny. Plus, another term for being busy or underpressure (how I usually feel whether I like it or not) is “time crunch.” I was set on using that term because it felt light hearted and not as harsh as “hectic” or “under pressure.” Put them together, and “tiny triumphs in a time crunch” represents what I aim to achieve while maintaining a cheerful tone.

In terms of my vision board, I had certain bubbles include activities such as ‘meeting up with friends on Saturdays,’ ‘concerts,’ ‘planning trips,’ ‘outfits,’ and ‘more connection’ to name a few. The theme I think connected all these bubbles was the mentality of always having something to look forward to, and this is an attitude I have always maintained to keep myself positive and motivated. Therefore, I wanted my blog to embody a design and style that reminded me of the things I look forward to,  have been meaning to do, as well as some of my favourite things like certain bands or hobbies. I want to rediscover why I like these things and motivate myself (and others) to indulge in your favourite activities again without being guilty about your other duties in life. Other parts of my vision board include inspiration from Pinterst for styles that are dark with bold pops of my favourite colours and other styles I’ve been meaning to experiment with. You can review my Pinterest board here.

Finally, since I’m new to WordPress, here is a tentative list of resources that helped me set up the beginnings of my blog: 

WordPress Full Site Editor Tutorial: How to Customize Twenty Twenty-Two Theme from Header to Footer

How To Build A Website with WordPress in 2023 (Full Tutorial) 

WordPress semantics – Documentation 


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