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  • Mini Assignment #5

  • Mini Assignment #4

    Mini Assignment #4

    Remixes of the classic Mozart song, “Eine Kleine Nachtmusic” using online remixers and filters from My personal favourite is the dubstep remix. Original: Trap Remix: Dubstep Remix: Electro House Remix: Drum & Bass Remix: References:Mozart – Eine Kleine Nachtmusik allegroby Advent Chamber Orchestra. Free Music Archive. CC BY-SA.

  • Mini Assignment #3

    Mini Assignment #3

    Media Story

  • Mini Assignment #2

    Mini Assignment #2

    Guest Post Pick a Marvel, DC, or a personal cultural hero to embody in a “guest post” for your blog. Hello everyone, my name is Wanda Maximoff, but many of you may know me as the Scarlet Witch. The last couple months I’ve decided to lay low with, you know, all the destruction and dark…

  • Mini Assignment #1

    Mini Assignment #1

    Meme When tasked to create a meme about myself or my blog, I decided to base it around what keeps me motivated in busy times. No matter the stage in life, I believe you should always have something to look forward to; whether it be a big trip or date in the far future, or…

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