Growing Old Over Cynar Spritz

You know those conversations you have over dinner that really get you thinking about how fast your life goes, and you go into the depths about what it is to live and grow old?

Ok, maybe that was a bit too specific. But you know what I mean, those deep conversations you have with someone that you can’t get enough of. Yeah, those. they feel good right? Well, let me tell you my most recent one.

What was my goal this week?
A dear friend of mine, Bryan, and myself decided recently that we wanted to try and go out to cafes and restaurants that we’ve always had our eyes on. When we used to be in school together, we would always go out and eat and enjoy each other company. Now that our meetups are less often, we thought, “we should just commit and try something new every time we see each other.” With a little break in our schedules on Friday night, we met up in rainy streets of downtown to catch up over some paste.

An update for those who read about my car situation; she is well and rolling! My car is back now and I am eternally grateful for all the help I received.

How did it go?
While it was super rainy, it was a cozy little place! We chose to go to DiBeppe on Cordova in Vancouver because I used to drive by it last year all the time and never went. We both ordered rigatoni carbonaras over a glass of Cynar Spritz. Did we know what Cynar Spritx was? No. But heck, that was the fun of it. Try something new.

Rigatoni carbonara and Cynar Spritz at DiBeppe.

While the drink wasn’t my favourite and a bit bitter, the pasta was flavourful and filling. Afterwards, it was Bryan’s ideas to walk around the city and explore some neighbourhoods, people watch, and grab some dessert at Thierry on Alberni St. Let me say, the best piece pastry I’ve ever had. A Mille-feuille. 10/10.

Throughout the night, Bryan and I conversed over how we feel life is going so far. And a common thing we kept bringing up is what we do in our free time. Did we have any actual hobbies? Did we have a skill that requires time and commitment? Did we feel fulfilled with what we do in our spare time?

While we both felt alright with our answers, we both agreed that it’s less common to have a hobby that beats the test of time. Something tactile, useful, fulfilling and that takes time and commitment. We both craved wanting do have skill or hobby that didn’t involve a screen. We both ski and love exploring new places, but we wanted to focus on something more tactile. We realized how with age, we tend to notice how some senior individuals don’t have a hobby to keep them company or busy. Having a hobby, especially as you grow older, is so incredibly valuable and I believe many of us have forgotten this.

Our discussions lead to personal stories and reflections, ending with the both of us coming up with a list of things we want to try and learn, even if we just try it once. If we’re young and have an opportunity to learn a new skill, you honestly never know what can come out of it. In the coming weeks/months, we decided we want to try a cooking class together, as well as some pottery. While we can do it alone, doing it together sort of gives us an incentive and more motivation to do something new. Our other friends heard about our plans a few days later and eagerly want to try as well.

How did I do it?
You can’t exactly force conversation to happen with someone, but I feel like taking the time to relax and unwind after a long week with someone is a way to get some topics rolling. Meeting in a new setting every week can definitely help spark conversation in topics we usually don’t tend to think of.

As for coming up with ideas for hobbies, we brought up things that we’ve always been curious to learn how to do, big or small. We both look up what offerings are local and affordable, then the plan plan is to pick a weekend and move on from there.

Inside of Thierry Alberni cafe after our walk.

How do I feel?
Fulfilled and hopeful. I yearn for those types of conversations and shared experiences with other people; it makes you feel less alone in such a fast-moving world. I’m hopeful about the new things and places we’ll visit because it keeps me motivated throughout the week and during busier days. I’m actually quite excited to try a cooking class with him and I can tell he is as well.

Next week’s goal
I put my secret travel plans on hold because I’m patiently waiting for Black Friday deals, but I’ve heard that they can also be a scam if you wait too long… Stay tuned!

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